“It's so refreshing to see a room full of inspiring, talented, warm and wonderful women discussing the issues that matter most. No chance of getting stabbed in the eye with a business card like at so many other entrepreneurial meets either. Here the networking is almost accidental, the wit and the wisdom in the room is so distracting you don't realise you're doing it.”

Henrietta Thompson – Curator, designer, author and Associate Editor of Wallpaper*  


"Big Blonde is a breath of fresh air. Behind the glamour you can expect from one of their evenings, is a network that really works. On my very first event I met a wonderful woman who subsequently introduced me to a business mentor - someone who was reknowned in my field, that I wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise. The value of being a member is priceless."

Tamaryn White - Founder, TamarynWhite.com


"Big Blonde creates a platform for women to express their ideas, share experiences and make lasting connections both professionally and personally. I was surrounded by articulate and successful women who spoke about business, culture and politics with humour, knowledge and generosity. The events provide the relaxed environment for these attributes to be showcased at their best making it feel enjoyable and special to be a part of."

Susie Stone - Founder, Susie Stone Ltd